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Maandelijks archief 21 december 2021

‘Stretch’ in new form!

Work in progress: ‘Stretch’ was originally part of the improvisation piece ‘Stretch my Timeline’. Here it is ‘stretched’ into a piece of its own.

Cancellation of concert Gong Tirta in January 2022

Due to the recent lockdown regulations we decided to cancel the house concert planned on 29th/30th of January 2022. We currently plan to be part of the Gamelanhuis’ 25th anniversary which will probably consist of a series of events during April-June. We are very eager to share with you all our new repertoire with pieces like Mañana, Kacang Lupa, Devachan, Merdeka Bellz and Stretched. Keep safe, healthy and happy and join us then!

Gong Tirta: Kacang Lupa

Composed by Jessica Polak, ‘Kacang Lupa’ – though very much Westernized – is a reminder of our roots in Balinese gamelan.

Gong Tirta new piece: Mañana