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On this page an overview of the albums currently available.

Listed are Bangkirai X, Gong Tirta, Eté Parfait, Kalangkang, Jakarta Street Band and Angklung Santosa. Keep an eye on the ‘What’s new’ page for upcoming releases.

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Please note that, with a few exceptions, these tracks/albums are available as download only.

Gong Tirta – new album 2022

Wish to view the album on the Bandcamp page? Click gongtirta.bandcamp.com/album/sounds-of-spring

Bangkirai X – gamelan progrock

Bangkirai X – the new Progrock-plus outfit by Renadi Santoso. Full band (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, violin, vocals) with sounds and vocals from the gamelan. This first album is an unusual blend of Trance, Chillout and Gamelan Progrock.


Eté Parfait – West European folk

Eté Parfait – duo Eté Parfait blends traditional West European (Irish, French, Dutch-Flemish, Spanish) folksongs and mediaeval and renaissance style music. They play on recorders, whistles, sulings, guitars, violin, gamelan, bass and vocals.


Kalangkang – Sunda style chamber music

Kalangkang – a mix of popular West Javanese, Central Javanese and Balinese songs, played in their own style, derived from tembang Sunda, kawih, degung and tarling. Intricate chambermusic with lots of variety. The instruments are kecapi, suling, vocals, violin, guitars, bonang, jengglong and kendang.


Gong Tirta – gamelan fusion

Gong Tirta – the gamelan fusion band from Amsterdam on their second album. With trademark crossover compositions by members of this unique gamelan ensemble and guest composers from Bali. Accessible, melodic, with powerful rythms, cyclic themes and a variety of moods.


Jakarta Street Band – kroncong 3.0

Jakarta Street Band – wellknown Indonesian evergreens in a more daring, controversial guise. Acoustic songs, a mix of keroncong, folk and dangdut. From lively and raw to intimate and poetic. With lead vocals by the late Tino Liauw. Re-master of the original CD album.


Angklung Santosa – Indonesian evergreens

Angklung Santosa – classic Indonesian folk songs on the melodic bamboo rattle instruments, with very diverse accompaniment on violin, synthesizers, guitars, kendang, suling and/or bass. Re-master of the original CD album.


Future Bandcamp releases:

Re-mastered release of ‘Santoso Sings’, an album with classical Indonesian songs from the pre-, inter- and post Merdeka eras. Sung by the late Adi Santoso. Production has been delayed and is now scheduled for mid 2023.

Later in 2022 release of re-mastered versions of the albums ‘Contemporary Gamelan’ by aWàs! and ‘Tales of Two Continents’, the first album by Gong Tirta.

Also in the pipeline: release of the second album by Eté Parfait, ‘De Prinses, der Rebbe & le Renard’.

Free downloads

There’s also some free music for you to download. Check out two highly experimental bands, who stretched the line between improvised and composed music between 1978 and 2003. Rich and intense, highly idiosyncratic and hard to classify. Just click: Aorta and Kieselguhr. You’ll be directed to the Jamendo.com site.