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Experimental bands: Aorta and Kieselguhr

Between 1977 and 2003 I was privileged to be part of a small improvisational music unit. Actually my first band. As we were unable to emulate our musical heroes, we went, quite naturally, the improvised route. We changed names a few times (Smaugh, Black Sorcery, Fracture) but after some time it branched out into two distinct groups, who kept coming up with new names (Apostelen der Liefde, Losbollen, ZeitBiest et al.), but finally settled with the bandnames Kieselguhr and Aorta. Under these names a critical selection of the best recordings were grouped into albums which can be accessed (and indeed downloaded for free!) online on the Jamendo platform.

Find the Aorta albumpage here.

Find the Kieselguhr albumpage here.

A sample track of every album can be found on YouTube:

Kieselguhr YouTube channel

Aorta YouTube channel

A few reactions on our albums:

” … poetic and crashing… impressive with expression… rich with meaning, relevance and significance.”

” … pushing me further into the darker realms of human frustration. Yes, frustration. Very Avant-Garde sounds, meaningful… abusing the edges of acceptance.” 

” ..Todas tienen ese sello de misterio que guardan las improvisaciones..”

“… I felt as if I were wandering through a grey haze, deep in the soul of the artist… filled with anxiety but mostly sadness.. deep sadness in the vision of this very expressive musician.”

“.. the drums of ‘Kiezelguhr Dance’ were powerful and compelling… inclusive and intrusive..”

“.. Excelente como dejan salir lo que se les viene a la mente sin filtrar..”

” … Le bruit aide à se donner une aperçue d’un certain sens… un miroir m’aide à faire certaine grimasse… qui résonne `a l’unisson… En deux mots, plus deux autres mots… j’aime j’aime… Il ne faut pas suivre la logique… La liberté se laisse caresser…”

“.. Stunning!”