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Dekoloniale Herdenking 16 augustus 2023

Three members of Gong Tirta contributed three compositions by Renadi during the opening and the ending of the third edition of the Dekoloniale Herdenking (Decolonial Commemoration), held at the site of the notorious Monument Indië-Nederland in Amsterdam. The Dekoloniale Herdenking is still a young event, organised by Benjamin Caton. It strives to be an inclusive, non-colonial commemoration, and to give voice to stories, experiences and narratives, especially those who have no platform at other commemorations. This year for the first time the mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, graced the Dekoloniale Herdenking with her presence and a fitting speech, thereby deliberately choosing not to be present at the 15 Augustus herdenking at Dam square the day before, where Palmyra Westerling was invited to plead for reinstalling the honour of her father Raymond Westerling. Other speakers include Julia Jouwe, Marion Bloem and Karina Rukmin Binol. The event also included performances by Esther Apituley on alto violin and Robin Block with a poem and a song. Gong Tirta opened with ‘Tales’ and ‘Merdeka Bellz’ and concluded the two minutes silence with ‘Stretch’. For the complete program visit: http://www.16augustus.nl/programma-2023/ Photography: Lara Bella Josafina.

Renadi Santoso

Gong Tirta concert 7th of May 2023

Sunday May 7th Gong Tirta will perform their latest program entitled ‘Jam KARET’. Don’t miss it!

Extended versions of ‘Devachan Ascension’ and ‘Stretch’, new work by Jeroen Sep entitled ‘WaarEmpel’ and the very first gamelanjam in the Gamelanhuis ever ‘Jam Karet’.

Somethings old gold, lots of new stuff, adventurous and engaging, 50% gamelan, 40% Western music and 10% impro. Don’t be late or regret it.

Tickets €15,- pp

Concert starts at 15.00 hrs

Doors open 14.30 hrs


Veemkade 578

1019 BL Amsterdam

Please, make your reservation by email: gongtirta@gmail.com

Renadi Santoso

Gong Tirta releases latest album on Bandcamp

‘Sounds of Spring’, the latest album by members of Gong Tirta had been released 1st of May 2022 on CD, which is a special limited edition for the 25th anniversary of the Gamelanhuis. But as of Monday 26th of September 2022, the album is officially added to our online download catalogue on Bandcamp. As always, it is easily accessed via our ‘Listen & Download’ page on this very site.

Some reactions on the album sofar:


“.. Kereee…. musiknya modern dan tradisional..”

“.. Grandioos!…”

“.. Bagus, suka Zap Hooligan dan kacang lupa..”

“..goeie combinatie!..”

“.. Ethephaka jangan zervo ya…”

“… Wow Kereen..”


“.. bagus sekali..”

“… Indah sekali..”

Renadi Santoso

GONG TIRTA live at CultuurCampus Vleuten 11th of September

Gong Tirta took the stage around 14.45 hrs during this music&dance festival organised by Vereniging Almost Lost Dutch Music.

The integral ‘The Sound of Spring’ 2022 concert was performed, including Stretch, Merdeka Bellz, Kacang Lupa, ZapHooligan from the most recent CD ‘Sounds of Spring’.

This album is now also available as download on our ‘Listen and Download’ page.

Topping of the concert we played Devachan part 1&2 from the download-only album Bangkirai X.

Here some Pix from the concert by Judith van Vliet, Marion de Vaal and Johan Hoekstra.

Photography: Judith van Vliet

Photography: Judith van Vliet
Photography: Judith van Vliet
Photography: Johan Hoekstra
Photography: Marion de Vaal
Photography: Johan Hoekstra
Photography: Johan Hoekstra
Photography: Marion de Vaal
Renadi Santoso

Tong Tong Fair 2022 appearances

After a Covid-induced intermission starting in 2020, TTF is back in town! The 62nd edition of this unique festival will have their tents pitched between September 1st until 11th in The Hague, Malieveld. Come and enjoy two performances with Renadi:

Sunday September 4th 13.00 hrs with WIDOSARI Javanese gamelan group led by Elsje Plantema. https://tongtongfair.nl/programma/zondag-4-september-2022/ Pieces played include Uler Kambang, Radukentir, Denggung Turulare and Puspanjala. With vocalists Eko Teguh Waluyo and Desti Pertiwi.

Saturday September 10th 17.30 hrs with GONG TIRTA gamelanfusion band led by Renadi. https://tongtongfair.nl/programma/zaterdag-10-september-2022/ Pieces played include Stretch, Merdeka Bellz, Kacang Lupa, ZapHooligan from the most recent CD ‘Sounds of Spring’ (now also available as download on our ‘Listen & Download’ page) and Devachan part 1&2 from the download-only album Bangkirai X (‘Listen and Download’ page on this site). The latest in Gamelan fusion!

Renadi Santoso

Art of Resistance

Melkweg Amsterdam Saturday August 27th 20.15 hrs local time.

Part of the opening of an evening of panel discussions Renadi performed his own rendition of the song ‘Genjer Genjer’. This song acquired political meaning in the events following the 1965 coup in Indonesia and was banned thereafter. ‘Arts of Resistance’ covers a world-wide spectrum of the arts in resistance throughout the years with performances, art, discussions, workshops etc. Visit the site (link underneath the flyer) for more upcoming events!

Renadi Santoso

Sounds of Spring

Sunday May 1st

Gong Tirta live concert in Het Gamelanhuis

Veemkade 578, 1019 BL Amsterdam

In the Series of 25th Anniversary of Het Gamelanhuis


1- Stretch (Renadi Santoso)

2- Merdeka Bellz (Renadi Santoso)

3- ZapHooligan (Jeroen Sep)

4- Kacang Lupa (Jessica Polak)

5- Devachan prt. 1 & 2 (Renadi Santoso)

Interview with Renadi Santoso by Hedi Hinzler

Entry €10,- Reserve your seat by mailing: gongtirta@gmail.com

Renadi Santoso

A new year, new chances – ‘Devachan’ by Gong Tirta

New work by Gong Tirta: part 1 and 2 of ‘Devachan’, composed by Renadi. For the integral studio version of ‘Devachan Ascension’ go to the Bangkirai X album on the ‘Listen & Download’ page.

Renadi Santoso

‘Stretch’ in new form!

Work in progress: ‘Stretch’ was originally part of the improvisation piece ‘Stretch my Timeline’. Here it is ‘stretched’ into a piece of its own.
Renadi Santoso

Cancellation of concert Gong Tirta in January 2022

Due to the recent lockdown regulations we decided to cancel the house concert planned on 29th/30th of January 2022. We currently plan to be part of the Gamelanhuis’ 25th anniversary which will probably consist of a series of events during April-June. We are very eager to share with you all our new repertoire with pieces like Mañana, Kacang Lupa, Devachan, Merdeka Bellz and Stretched. Keep safe, healthy and happy and join us then!

Renadi Santoso