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Learn music

With more than 30 years of teaching and workshop experience, there’s much on offer.

Guitar lessons (intermediate) based on classical fingerstyle techniques. For those who have already a few years playing/learning experience, but wish to take it to the next level. Find the tricks to enhance your understanding of playing techniques, musical form, phrasing, dynamics and developing your own personal style. It’s as much teaching as coaching. Private lessons only.

Suling lessons (beginners, intermediate) will give you the joy and understanding of playing the Indonesian bamboo flute. The gentle sound of the Sundanese suling, or the power of Balinese suling, it’s at your choice. Private lessons.

Kecapi lessons (intermediate) will give you new and exciting tricks to develope your chops and find new ways of approaching the instrument. For those who have already some years experience it can be a mind-turner. You can profit from Renadi’s experience based on Cianjuran playing and his own unique style with – amongst others – Kalangkang. Private lessons.

Kendang lessons (beginners, intermediate) both for the fundamentals of the Indonesian hand-drum techniques from Sunda, Jawa and Bali as for learning new, unorthodox rythms and patterns. Can be cool for drummers and percussionists of other genres and traditions also. Private lessons.


For groups:

Workshop gamelan at the Gamelanhuis Amsterdam. Ideal for an introduction to the intricate world of the gamelan sounds. But also more experienced groups can find new inspiration. In the nice, open atmosphere of Gong Tirta’s rehearsing studio your group can enjoy playing music together in a short time. Gamelan has the special benefit that players of different levels of musical experience can collaborate and really play together in a short time. Ideal for family or personnel outings, student groups etc. Participant age minimum 12 years is recommended.

Workshop Indonesian dance is an inspiring introduction to the elegant yet powerful movements of the Indonesian dance styles of Jawa and/or Bali. Dancers experienced in other styles or traditions can find something new and exciting to add to their vocabulary. Total beginners who just want to have something different will also burn some calories. It’s fun and serious at the same time. Minimum age 12 years recommended.

Workshop Indonesian martial arts – a nice introduction to the world of pencak silat. The interesting thing about pencak is that it has a form for pure self-defense, but also an art form, as seen in the pencak silat dance (kembang pencak, the ‘flower’ of the pencak). Minimum age 12 years is recommended.

If you require customized lessons, workshops or coaching, please contact me. I’m happy to discuss your ideas and wishes.