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Maandelijks archief 31 december 2020

Composition for Poppenspeelmuseum

01-01-2021 – Composition on Commission

Between september and december 2020 I was writing, recording and producing a new piece on commission of the Poppenspelmuseum in Vorchten (NL). The composition is for their in-house barrel organ together with their (also in-house) Javanese gamelan set (acquired from the former museum Nusantara in Delft) and is intended for the educational project ‘De Cium van Katrijn’ for the visually impaired, in which the Javanese Punakawan are matched with Dutch Jan Klaassen and Katrijn. It’s part of a collection of media around a funny confrontation between Katrijn and the Punakawan. Media used include smell, tactile, visual and audio. 

The story was written by Otto van der Mieden, director/curator of the museum and an experienced puppeteer himself, and it sports a plethora of  Indonesian words that are stock-and store of the petjok language of the “Indo’s’, the group of people with (mixed) roots in Indonesia or the Dutch East-Indies, and is subtitled ‘Een Nederlands-Indisch poppentheaterboek’. If and when Corona allows it, a live performance of my piece might be expected at the Vorchten Poppenspelmuseum. Watch the puppets, and listen to my music in this video here.