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What’s New

Gong Tirta: Kacang Lupa

Composed by Jessica Polak, ‘Kacang Lupa’ – though very much Westernized – is a reminder of our roots in Balinese gamelan.

Gong Tirta new piece: Mañana

Sounds from the Past#1

A new page to this site has been added. A new page, but the content might be already welknown to some of you.

Aorta and Kieselguhr, two bands from the past, are hereby presented once again. Click here.

” … poetic and crashing… impressive with expression… rich with meaning, relevance and significance.”

” ..Todas tienen ese sello de misterio que guardan las improvisaciones..”

“.. the drums of ‘Kiezelguhr Dance’ were powerful and compelling… inclusive and intrusive..”

“.. Stunning!”

Gong Tirta Rehearsal Time #1

Rehearsing during Corona is restricted, but Gong Tirta keeps working on new material.

Future releases

Future Bandcamp releases:

Re-mastered release of ‘Santoso Sings’, an album with classical Indonesian songs from the pre-, inter- and post Merdeka eras. Sung by the late Adi Santoso. Production has been delayed.

Later in 2021 expected release of re-mastered versions of the albums ‘Contemporary Gamelan’ by aWàs! and ‘Tales of Two Continents’, the first album by Gong Tirta. 

Also in the pipeline: release of the second album by Eté Parfait: ‘De Prinses, der Rebbe & le Renard’.

Composition for Poppenspeelmuseum

01-01-2021 – Composition on Commission

Between september and december 2020 I was writing, recording and producing a new piece on commission of the Poppenspelmuseum in Vorchten (NL). The composition is for their in-house barrel organ together with their (also in-house) Javanese gamelan set (acquired from the former museum Nusantara in Delft) and is intended for the educational project ‘De Cium van Katrijn’ for the visually impaired, in which the Javanese Punakawan are matched with Dutch Jan Klaassen and Katrijn. It’s part of a collection of media around a funny confrontation between Katrijn and the Punakawan. Media used include smell, tactile, visual and audio. 

The story was written by Otto van der Mieden, director/curator of the museum and an experienced puppeteer himself, and it sports a plethora of  Indonesian words that are stock-and store of the petjok language of the “Indo’s’, the group of people with (mixed) roots in Indonesia or the Dutch East-Indies, and is subtitled ‘Een Nederlands-Indisch poppentheaterboek’. If and when Corona allows it, a live performance of my piece might be expected at the Vorchten Poppenspelmuseum. Watch the puppets, and listen to my music in this video here.

Release first album by Bangkirai X

RELEASE OF NEW ALBUM on BangkiraiMusicPro:

‘Every Day a Trance at Camp Corona’ by BANGKIRAI X.

Release date October 11th 2020.

Indeed, if you were looking for inspiration in these unsettling Corona times, you should not miss this album. The track ‘Trance Morphations’ covers THE theme of our current lives.

But the whole album is of interest to those with a mind for music that is a bit ‘off the road’.

Call it Gamelan Progrock, mixed with Trance and Chillout, Fusion and some avantgarde.

Here’s the link to the album:

If you think the music has serious ‘added value’, you are warmly welcomed to purchase it on Bandcamp. Please leave comments, reviews etc. 
Highly appreciated!

The track ‘Trance Morphations’ on the album sports a deeply edited version of the ‘Corona Lyrics Creations Open Project’ lyric which you still can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZj8DB_5WdE&t=13s

Carillon concert The Hague

The Tong Tong Carillon concert as performed by Gijsbert Kok was livestreamed. Watch it here:


Giglist Tong Tong Carillon

The giglist of the Tong Tong Carillon concert August 15th 2020
(city, location, time, performer):

Helmond, Lambertuskerk, 10.00 -10.30 uur, Rosemarie Seuntiëns 
Groningen, Martinitoren, 11.00 -12.00 uur, Auke de Boer 
Utrecht, Domtoren, 11.00 -12.00 uur, Malgosia Fiebig 
Roermond, Stadsbeiaard van het Stadhuis, 12.00 – 12.30 uur, Rosemarie Seuntiëns 
Venlo, Sint Martinuskerk, 12.00 -13.00 uur, Marcel Siebers 
Amersfoort, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwetoren,13.00 – 14.00 uur, André Kokulja 
Venray, St.Petrusbanden toren 14.00 -14.30, Rosemarie Seuntiëns 
Den Haag, Grote Kerk 14.00 -14.30, Gijsbert Kok (live te volgen via YouTube) 
Oirschot, Sint-Petrusbasiliek, 16.00 – 16.30 uur, Rosemarie Seuntiën 
Hoorn, Grote Kerk, 16.00 – 16.45, Frits Reynaert 
Waalre, Oude Sint Willibrorduskerk, 16.00 – 16.30 uur, Nan Los-Laros

Composition for Churchbells

Posted 9-aug-2020

Upcoming live event 15th of August 2020:
Despite Corona restrictions on live events, you’re chance to witness a new piece by me is nearer than you might think: coming Saturday August 15th 2020 will be commemorated the capitulation of Japan and the ensuing freeing of the Dutch Indies. The event is curated by several organisations. 
Tong Tong has produced a nation-wide live concert for Churchbells for which Sinta Wullur and me specially wrote compositions. My composition ‘Freedom Bells’ was commissioned for this event.

All day there’s something happening somewhere in the Netherlands: a heavenly host of carillon players will make this concert sound out from above throughout the day, and at several locations (The Hague, Helmond, Groningen, Utrecht, Venray, Oirschot, Hoorn, Venlo, Waalre). So if you chance to be nearby one of these locations, don’t hesitate. It’s an unique event not to be missed!

One of these performances (The Hague) will be live-streamed on Youtube.
More information on time and location: click here