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Release first album by Bangkirai X

Release first album by Bangkirai X

RELEASE OF NEW ALBUM on BangkiraiMusicPro:

‘Every Day a Trance at Camp Corona’ by BANGKIRAI X.

Release date October 11th 2020.

Indeed, if you were looking for inspiration in these unsettling Corona times, you should not miss this album. The track ‘Trance Morphations’ covers THE theme of our current lives.

But the whole album is of interest to those with a mind for music that is a bit ‘off the road’.

Call it Gamelan Progrock, mixed with Trance and Chillout, Fusion and some avantgarde.

Here’s the link to the album:

If you think the music has serious ‘added value’, you are warmly welcomed to purchase it on Bandcamp. Please leave comments, reviews etc. 
Highly appreciated!

The track ‘Trance Morphations’ on the album sports a deeply edited version of the ‘Corona Lyrics Creations Open Project’ lyric which you still can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZj8DB_5WdE&t=13s

Renadi Santoso

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