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Composition for Churchbells

Composition for Churchbells

Posted 9-aug-2020

Upcoming live event 15th of August 2020:
Despite Corona restrictions on live events, you’re chance to witness a new piece by me is nearer than you might think: coming Saturday August 15th 2020 will be commemorated the capitulation of Japan and the ensuing freeing of the Dutch Indies. The event is curated by several organisations. 
Tong Tong has produced a nation-wide live concert for Churchbells for which Sinta Wullur and me specially wrote compositions. My composition ‘Freedom Bells’ was commissioned for this event.

All day there’s something happening somewhere in the Netherlands: a heavenly host of carillon players will make this concert sound out from above throughout the day, and at several locations (The Hague, Helmond, Groningen, Utrecht, Venray, Oirschot, Hoorn, Venlo, Waalre). So if you chance to be nearby one of these locations, don’t hesitate. It’s an unique event not to be missed!

One of these performances (The Hague) will be live-streamed on Youtube.
More information on time and location: click here

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