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Current traditional Indonesian repertoire include Kembangan Pencak (pentjak silat martial arts dance) and Klono Topeng (classical Javanese dance with mask in gagah-style, the vigourous male dance-technique).

If needed, the dances can be explained to your guests. Workshops are also an option.

Renadi also collaborated in modern dance projects. They include 'Made in Holland' (1995), 'Aws! (1997, 1999 and 2001), 'Ei - Ei' (2000) and 'Dari Mana?' (2005).

More info and contact: +31 - (0)20 - 6700321

Bibliotheek0732a Bibliotheek0733a Collaboration with Flamenco dance group

Bibliotheek0377a Bibliotheek0383a Bibliotheek0416a Dari Mana? by Ubit Iskander

RenAwasdanceLuxaflex2a RenAwasdance4Winds2a1 RenAwasdanceLight1a Aws! by Renadi Santoso -


Bibliotheek0143a1 Bibliotheek0155a Bibliotheek0159a 'Made in Holland', 1995


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