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W o r k s h o p s

Underneath are just examples of the possibilities. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have specific requirements!

On location:

Small gamelan - 10 participants max., from 60 minutes and up.

Pentjak Silat or Javanese dance - depending on the space available 25 prtcp. max., from 60 minutes and up.

Tek-tekan - Balinese bamboo instruments. This workshop is given in collaboration with Sinar Bulan.

In the Gamelanhuis in Amsterdam full scale gamelanworkshops (up to 20 prtc) are possible, as well as dance workshops (30 max.).

Prices available on request.

Tel. +31-(0)20-6700321/06-18707052

Renadi's experience with teaching and workshops date from 1992. He has worked extensively with children from 6 - 12 years old in the Kindermuseum, a department of the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. As a gamelan teacher he gave workshops in the Tropenmuseum for all ages,, including students and adults, from1994 - 2006. On location workshops include Scholen in de Kunst (Amersfoort) and several schools, elementary and highschools. In all these places Renadi also gave dance and/or pentjak silat workshops.

Renadi really is adept in giving participants a thorough 'first sniff' at the exotic music and dances of Java and Bali. In a very short time (ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours) participants get a genuine 'hands-on from the inside' experience they'll not forget.

In 2008 a new venue for workshops on Indonesian music and dance will commence in the Gamelanhuis in Amsterdam. The circumstances are ideal: roomy space, good floors for dancing, Balinese Ónd Javanese gamelan ready to play.