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Kalangkang - peaceful and refined chambermusic in West-Javanese style.

Kalangkang consists of three musicians who play new style kecapi suling music. They take the basics from West-Javanese (Sundanese) Tembang Sunda Cianjuran music and instrumentation, but they go far beyond that very classical style of music. Kalangkang incorporates Central Javanese songs, Dangdut style, Keroncong and Degung to make a mix which can be called Kawih Kecapi Suling, a new, more popular, accessible form of Cianjuran music.



Renadi Santoso has grown up with and been taught Indonesian music ever since childhood. He is well versed in popular, classical and experimental styles. A prolific composer, his pieces were played by/ at a.o. Multifoon, Istika, Ensemble Radak, Gong Tirta, Awas!, Global Children’s Festival, Pasar Malam Tong-Tong, Immortal Fit and Aorta. He holds a post as gamelanteacher at the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam and studied classical guitar.

Kalangkang uses three tone scales (pelog, sorog and slendro) to play a diverse program for you, which is elegant, refined and subtle in character. But also light, joyous songs are sung. With three vocalists, it’s no wonder ‘songs’ are at the heart of the Kalangkang repertory, but also a few beautiful instrumental pieces are part of the show. Music for intense listening, or as a restful background for your occasion.

Kalangkang is:

Renadi Santoso: kecapi-siter, vocals

Jessica Polak: suling, vocals, rindik

Tino Liauw: vocals, percussion


Jessica Polak plays suling and is a vocalist in ensembles like Kalangkang (Sunda) and Gong Tirta (Bali). She did perform with BabouM (celtic and Southamerican), Mugi Rahayu and Istika (Javanese). She has adapted English and French poetry for music.


About the instruments:

Kecapi-siter - flat, twenty-stringed zither, played in a variety of ways with both hands. The sound is very tinkly and sparkling.

Suling - six-hole bamboo flute. Kalangkang uses the long ‘Cianjuran’ variety which is about 60 cm long and has a gentle, soft sound.

Rindik: a bamboo ‘xylophone’ from Bali. This instrument is tuned in the slendro mode and is normally used with a second rindik and a short, high-pitched Balinese suling. Here, it is used as an 'new' addition for its gentle, warm sound.


Bandung - Sorban Palid - Sekar Manis - Sekar Duaan - Sinom Degung - Mupu Kembang - Soropongan - Bajing Luncat - Es Lilin - Pras Pris - Cinta - Sunda Mekar - Mamanis - Kalangkang - Pileuleuyan - Soleram/Kicir-kicir - Kangen - Gambang Suling - Jago Katé - Walang Kekek - Singa Nebah -

Lesung Jumengglung


Vocalist Tino Liauw is from Jakarta. He sung krontjong in Suka Ria and Mutiara Indonesia, has been acting in a.o. Koloniale Waren and played in the Late Late Lien Show with Wieteke van Dort. He has joined Gong Tirta to play traditional Balinese and modern gamelanmusic. This picture shows Tino performing with famed slack key guitarist Keola Beamer from Hawaii at the Pasar Malam Tong tong in The Hague, june 2005.

Technical requirements:

A stage of at least 60 cm high x 3 m x 3 meters. The musicians sit on the floor, so take care not to place them too low! Two powerpoints. Dressingroom, sufficiently heated, lockable if possible, with a mirror and drinking water.

Fee excluding 6% VAT/BTW

€ 825,- (three musicians, for a tighter budget there's the option of two players, ask for the prices)

Contact: rsantoso299@cs.com, tel. +31-(0)20-6700321

Kalangkang - shadow, image, reflection - 'twilight dreams of rustling palmtrees, gently flowing water, lush green hills, the sound of birds and crickets, rice fields in a blushing sun. This, we can only hope to invoke before your mind's and heart's eye.'



Pictures courtesy of Harry Willemse

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