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List of external links mentioned throughout this site.



Outside links:


freewebs.com/gong_tirta: official site of gamelan ensemble Gong Tirta in Dutch language.


Video's of Gong Tirta can be viewed on their YouTube page.


Jakarta Street Band official site in Dutch Language.


http://www.youtube.com/user/denkkracht for videos of the Dag van de Kunst en de Muziek with a.o. Jakarta Street Band and Eté Parfait.


Theater Djempol:under direction of Dominique Roskott, multicultural (music)theatre , mainly from an 'Indo' startingpoint.


Gerard Mosterd: modern choreographer with a strongly Asia-influenced concept.


Con Cuerpo y Alma flamenco dance group led by Lola Ramos, dancer, teacher and therapist. See the beautiful site www.psicodanza.org


Widosari: Amsterdam-based gamelan ensemble. Artistic director Elsje Plantema. Main repertory is classical Javanese. Also some interesting modern pieces, both from Indonesia and outside Indonesia are featured regularly, as well as collaborative projects with artist from Indonesia.


Sinar Bulan: dance- and theatregroup with a strongly Bali-oriented repertory. Great flexibility. Also lots of projects for children. One of their unique selling points is the Barongdance. Also Indonesian cooking workshops for children.


Need a good video registration of your party, reception etc.? Check out Franklin Studio Rony at www.fsr-video-muziek.nl/


www.pencak-silat.startkabel.nl is a great place to start for everything pencak silat.


Froe Froe theater, Antwerp (Belgium). Bring together several media in their productions. They maintain their own workshop where they make elaborate and weird costumes and also puppets.


Wisma Ulah Budaya: dancerscollective with strong emphasis on Central Javanese and Sundanese repertory. Mainrepetitor is Romanita Santoso, my sister.



Ubit Iskandar: choreographer and teacher of modern jazzdance and Asian moves. Her other site? Click here>


Keola Beamer: Hawaiian slack key master, composer and innovator.


Boi Akih: great 'worldfusion' band with Monica Akihari (vox) and Niels Brouwer (guitar) as the artistic fulcrum. Internationally acclaimed, virtuosic, with a very personal

sound and style.


Multifoon: the first chromatically tuned gamelan in the Netherlands, initiated by Sinta Wullur. With this, she has made gamelan accessible for western-taught composers.


Visual Soundart: Martien Groeneveld plays music that is also very visual. Creator (and performer) of many new instruments.


Panglipur: pencak silat group. Dedicated to the Westjavanese style. Also broader cultural activities, like gamelanmusic and dance.


Wiludyeng: Javanese gamelan ensemble. One of the maingroups of the Gamelanhuis in Amsterdam.


Istika: Gamelan and dance from (mainly) Central Java. Longtime affiliation with Indonesian Embassy. Life-time dedication to classical dance and gamelan from Java. Artistic director is Suhardi Djojoprasetyo.


Dos Aguas: this Flamenco guitarduo from Amsterdam is accessible with one or two clicks, jacobhin.nl or dosaguas.nl


Ensemble Gending: One of the very first gamelan ensembles in the Netherlands to devote itself exclusively to new compositions for the Javanese gamelaninstruments. Headed by Jurrien Sligter.


Nazaten van Prins Hendrik: colourful 'bastard' and 'strotbrock' Kaseko band.


Sandi Sari: traditional Balinese gamelan ensemble with a strong emphasis on working together with and learning directly from Balinese sources.


Irama: the great small-scale gamelan project of Henrice Vonk.


Gaudeamus: foundation dedicated to the furthering of contemporary music. Based in the Muziekgebouw aan het Y.


Muziekschool Amsterdam: a lot of fun ways to learn all kinds of music, classical, pop, jazz, ethnic.


Tropenmuseum Amsterdam:


Paleisgeheimen (Ghana) 2001 - 2003: activity-program for children from 6 to 12 years old.


Paradijs & Co (Iran) 2003 - 2006: idem.


Daltonschool, The Hague: the Pankhurst educational system where yours truly whiled for some six years of his youth.