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Photography: Luiz Enrique Yudo

If popular, light, acoustical Indonesian music is what you need, look no further! Among the many music-groups in the Netherlands who specialise in Indonesian music, Jakarta Street Band stands out with it’s unique style and repertory. Jakarta Street Band blends successfully pop, keroncong and dangdut. Even a dash of gamelan can be heard. In an inimitable style all their own, the musicians of Jakarta Street Band add a lot of fun and sentiment to your party!

You might quickly recognise some ‘evergreens’ like “Bengawan Solo”, “Soleram”, or “Keroncong Kemayoran”. But you may also be surprised and delighted by less known gems like “Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan”, “Aduh Babe” or “Banci”. Furthermore, pieces of the gamelan repertory like “Lesung Jumengglung” or “Walang Kekek” are tuned into ‘Jakarta Street Mode’.

Songs are sung in Indonesian, sometimes in Javanese or Sundanese, some songs can also be sung in Dutch. If desired, the lyrics will be explained to your guests.

The musicians of Jakarta Street Band combine their vast knowledge and experience of many diverse types of Indonesian music to create a new, fresh style of playing. They are constantly searching and experimenting with new, fun ways to add Indonesian couleur to their music.

This makes Jakarta Street Band not only great to have at your party, but also an entirely adapted program can be played in ‘concert’-style for the discerning listener.



Sorban Palid

Fragments are taken from the

Walang Kekek

Rek Ayo Rek

Lesung Jumengglung

Keroncong kemayoran

Photography: Luiz Enrique Yudo

Jakarta Street Band:

Tino Liauw: vocals, percussion

Jessica Polak: vocals, suling (bamboo flute), rindik (bamboo xylophone), percussion

Jeroen Sep: guitar, kendang (handdrums)

Renadi Santoso: kendang, guitar, violin, vocals

Main vocalist, initiator and front-man Tino Liauw is himself from Jakarta. He sung in Keroncong Suka Ria and Mutiara Indonesia, has been acting in a.o. Vriend in de Desa, Koloniale Waren and played in the Late Late Lien Show with Wieteke van Dort. He has joined Gong Tirta to play traditional Balinese and modern gamelanmusic.

Jessica Polak plays suling and is a vocalist in ensembles like Kalangkang (Sundanese) and Gong Tirta (Balinese). She did perform with BabouM (Celtic and South-American), Mugi Rahayu and Istika (Javanese). She is adapting and singing French and English poetry.

Jeroen Sep studied musicology and plays guitar in poetry-rockband Naar Tevredenheid. He also is a member of Gong Tirta and played in experimental gamelangroup Awas! and in progsoulband Immortal Fit. He composed music for theatre.

Renadi Santoso has grown up with and been taught Indonesian music ever since childhood. He is well versed in popular, classical and experimental styles. A prolific composer, his pieces were played by a.o. Multifoon, Istika, Ensemble Radak, Gong Tirta, Awas!, Global Children’s Festival, Pasar Malam Tong-Tong, Immortal Fit and Aorta. Holds a post as gamelanteacher at the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam and studied classical guitar at the Amsterdam Sweelinck Conservatory.

Practical information

A performance area of at least 2 x 4 meters, with at least two electric sockets/powerpoints. A dressing room, lockable if possible, with sufficient heating, mirror and drinking-water..

A performance can be split in short sets of 20 minutes (minimum) up to 45 minutes (maximum). Total length can be up to 75 minutes.


For prices, booking and more info please contact:

Tino Liauw

tel. +31-(0)6-45364516

or Renadi Santoso

tel. +31 - (0) 6 - 18707052

Jeroen Sep

Jessica Polak

Tino Liauw

Renadi Santoso

Photography: Luiz Enrique Yudo

Additional JSB members are Michiel Roelse (guitar) and Arjen de Graaf (violin and viola).