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(update 08 - 09 - 2008)

On sunday august 31 Renadi performed in collaboration with flamenco group 'Con Cuerpo y Alma' led by Lola Ramos. The location? De Havelaar, Douwes Dekkerstraat 2, Amsterdam.

Collaborations with cultural entertainment group Rancak Nusantara at Dewi Sri, Pasar Perron and Holland Casino.

On sunday june 29 Gong Tirta will perform together with Balinese dancer Ketut Ayu Anggreni at the festival 'Hilversum Alive'. It's an event sponsoring the developement of libraries in Indonesia. The Indonesian ambassador will open the festival. Gong Tirta plays at 14.00 and 15.30. More info about the festival at www.hilversumalive.nl

On 25 may at the Tong Tong Festival (the 50th Pasar Malam Besar) in The Hague, Gong Tirta collaborated with Indian dancer Jolanda Boejharat in a very special rendition of 'Panyembrahma'. See it on the Gong Tirta YouTube page!

The 'Zoepsooi' performance with video artist, soprano, jazz trio and breakdancer, plus many performances more can be viewed on Youtube: <http://www.youtube.com/user/denkkracht>. See the nice videos of 'Lesung Jumengglung' (Jakarta Street band) and Eté Parfait!

New educational project for children: Gamelan and Dance from Jawa, a 45 minute programm for group 4, 5 and 6. Informative, interactive and entertaining. Ruud Willems (gambang and slenthem), Jos Jansen (gender and presentation) and Renadi (kendang and dance). Sponsored by 'Het Gebaar'.