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About Renadi

(update 23-06-2008)

Name : Renadi Santoso

Born : 06-08-1964 Cologne, Germany, living in the Netherlands since 1969.

Renadi started studying gamelan in 1981 and classical guitar in 1986. Since then, he has played in countless groups and ensembles, classical, modern and popular music from Central Java, Bali and Sunda.

Alongside, he participated (as dancer, actor, musician or composer) in a number of 'cross-over'-projects with other musical styles. Among them are Kumpulan (gamelan with Kaseko), Multifoon (chromatic gamelan with string quartet), Boi Akih (worldmusic with jazzfusion) and Gamelan meets Hawaii with Keola Beamer. His own creations with modern dance and/or music in combination with Indonesian elements were and are issued under the name of Awas!.

He teaches Balinese gamelan since 1989 at the Tirta foundation. Tirta founded the gamelan kebyar ensemble in fall 1986. With this ensemble, renamed Gong Tirta in 1992, Renadi plays both traditional Balinese and new compositions. Furthermore, Renadi holds a post as gamelanteacher/expert at the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam.

In the 'Tropenmuseum' he can be counted among the very few 'mainstay freelancers' of the 'Kindermuseum', the world-famous children's department of the Tropical Museum. Here he works with children in activity-programms, especially geared to give children from six up to twelve years old a multi-media, inter-active, hands-on experience with several cultures, using story-telling, lights and sounds effects. The activities comprise music, dance, cooking, painting and are always related to the theme of the exhibition. In the past the themes were: Bali, Aboriginees, Bolivia, Ghana and Iran. In 2006/07 he functioned as a guide in the new programm 'Daar zit muziek in', which includes a gamelanworkshop for children of the same age.

Renadi has worked in many disciplines: as a performer, dancer, musician, composer, improvisor, story-teller, conductor, teacher. He has experience with several workingmethods: oral teaching, scores, improvising from schemes, or within traditional rules, free improvising/instant composing, wtih groups and individuals.

Underneath, you'll find an extensive CV.


Comprehensive CV


1) 1976 -'82 Highschool: VWO Daltonsystem, The Hague.

2) 1982 -'83 Filosophy Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden.

3) 1983 -'84 Academy for Visual Arts, Rotterdam.

4) 1986 -'89 Classical guitar, Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam (teach. Theo KrŁmeich, preparatory Hoogeveen and Okke Toetenel).

5) 1979 -'87 Classical Javanese dance, several teachers, The Hague, Amsterdam and Jakarta (teach. Suhardi Djoyoprasetyo, Ibu Singgih Wibisono, S. Kardjono).

6) 1982 -2000 Classical Balinese dance, several teachers, The hague, Amsterdam (Putu Balimurni, Sang Putu Gde Bujana, Ketut Sudanegara, I Wayan Kaler).

7) 1976 -'99 Classical Sundanese dans and Pencak Silat, several teachers, The Hague, Delft, Jakarta (Beckx, Erni Handayati, Irawati Durban Ardjo).

8) 1981 -2000 Javanese gamelanmusic, several teachers, the Hague, Amsterdam, Surakarta (Suhardi Djoyoprasetyo, Elsje Plantema, Sri Djoko Rahardjo, Bambang Siswanto, Guntur Sulistyono).

9) 1986 -2000 Balinese gamelan, sev. teach., Amsterdam, Den Pasar (Jeffrey v.d. Elst, Sinta Wullur, Ketut Sudanegara, Henrice Vonck, Henry Nagelberg, Ketut Asnawa, Nyoman Sudarna, I Wayan Kaler, Ketut Rudita, Wayan Sadra).

10) 1987 -'98 Sundanese chambermusic Tembang Sunda Cianjuran, sev. teach., Amsterdam (Uking Sukri, Wim v. Zanten).


From the above-mentioned skills performance-experience:

5) from 1981 a.o. with Istika, Wisma Ulah Budaya, Mudra Irama, Rancak Nusantara.

6) from 1983 a.o. with Diah Tantri, Sinar Bulan.

7) from 1983 a.o. with Wisma Ulah Budaya, Panglipur/Siliwangi.

8) from 1983 a.o. with Istika, Widosari, Wiludyeng.

9) from 1983 a.o. with Gong Tirta, Sandi Sari, Irama.

10) from 1983 a.o. with Kalangkang, Tjempaka.


Modern dance experience:

1995 'Made in Holland' choreography for the Festival IndiŽ - IndonesiŽ, theater Korzo, The Hague).

1997/99/'01 Awŗs! choreography (Uitmarkt / Akhnaton / VOC festival, Amsterdam).

1999 - 2000 'Meeting' with worldbeat band Boi Akih (several locations Beatrix Rotterdam, BIMhuis Amsterdam etc.).

2000 Ei-Ei modern dance collaboration with Annika Lusschin (a.o. ex-SNDO).

2005 'Dari Mana' choreography by Ubit Iskander (a.o. ColourDance).

2007 'Spirahl O' choreography/impro (for Con Cuerpo y Alma).


Teaching/repetitor experience:

1989 - present: weekly gamelanlessons/rehearsals at Gaudeamus and from march 2005 at the Muziekschool Amsterdam for Gong Tirta. From august 2005 also at the Tropenmuseum. From july 2007 continued at the Gamelanhuis.

1992 - present: cultural/anthropological activityprograms for children (6 - 12 yrs.) at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. Worked in the following exhibitions:

- Onzichtbare Gasten (Bali) 1992 - 1994.

- Verhalen om niet te Verdwalen (Aboriginee - AustraliŽ) 1996 - 1997.

- Indianen van het Hoge Land (Bolivia) 1998 - 2000.

- Paleisgeheimen (Ghana) 2001 - 2003.

- Paradijs & Co (Iran) 2003 - 2006.

2000 - 2007 incidental gamelanworkshops at the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.

1993 - present: incidental gamelanworkshops on location.

2005 - present: incidental dance and/or pencak silat workshops on location.


Other musical activities / experience:

Aorta: contemporary style-elements / approach: improvisation / instrumentation and sound: rock (1989 - '98).

Immortal Fit: progressive / soul / fusion (1991 - '96).

Quaad: opera / cabaret / pop (1986 - '90).

Awŗs!: gamelan / rock / contemporary / prog (1995 - '97).

Gending: contemporary gamelan (1989 - '91).

Kumpulan meets Nazaten van Prins Hendrik: gamelan / kaseko (1995 - '99).

Jakarta Street Band: acoustic Indo-pop/keroncong (1997 - present).

Angklung Santosa: traditional, Indonesian folksongs on bamboo instruments, the angklung (1979 - 2003).

Multifoon: chromatically tuned gamelan (western tuning) contemporary (1998 - 2003).

Gong Tirta: Balinese traditional gamelan and modern, contemporary compositions (1986 - present).

Widosari: Javanese gamelan, classical and modern (1996 - present).

Kring van Hout: visual, experimental, improvisation music spektacle (1999 - 2002).

Kalangkang: Javanese en Sundanese songs for kecapi - suling (1989 - present).

Lichtende Schemering: music for modern choreography by Gerard Mosterd (2002).

Baby Cosmos: Experimental Lounge/Poetry (2003)

Please, let me see your face: music for modern choreography by Gerard Mosterd (2003).

Gamelan meets Hawaii: cross-cultural fusion. Collaboration with slack key guitarist and singer Keola Beamer and his wife Moannalani (percussion, chanting and dance).

Dari Mana?: music for modern Asian jazzdance choreography by Ubit Iskandar (2005).

Vier Winden: music for movement-theatre Dario Fo / Koperen Kees, directed by Charles Renoult (2006).

A Mono-myth: music and dance performance by Raquel Abrahams (2007).

Con Cuerpo y Alma: collaboration with Lola Ramos' flamenco dance group and music group Dos Aguas (2007).


N.b.: in all these projects Renadi played several instruments, see underneath.



Classical guitar.

Electric guitar.

Bass guitar (fretless / fretted).






Kendang (Indonesian, two-sided hand-drum).

Gamelan (Indonesian melodic percussion, a.o. metallophones, cymbals, gongs).

Suling (Indon. bambooflute).



Performances in the past at a.o.:

Congresgebouw Den Haag, Korzo, Rasa, Kikker, Soeterijn, Ysbreker, De Doelen, Doelentheater, Evenaar, Provadja, Melkweg, Paradiso, Vredenburg, De Waag, Stedelijk Museum A'dam, Thelonious, Museon, De Unie, Lantaren/Venster, Openlucht theater Vondelpark, Stadsschouwburg Vlissingen, Meervaart, Meevaart, Veronica goes Asia, Reiziger in Muziek, Theater Romein, Anton Philipszaal Den Haag, Frits Philipszaal Eindhoven, Beurs van Berlage (AGA zaal), Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen (BelgiŽ), Festspilhalle Bergen (Noorwegen), Erasmushuis Jakarta (IndonesiŽ), Art Center Ksirarnawa Den Pasar (Bali), RAI, Shaffy, Akhnaton, Theater a/h Spui Den Haag, Branoul, Theater Zuidplein, Dodorama, TNT Golf Open, Rotary Club, Tropenmuseum Grote zaal, Wereldmuseum, Nieuwe Kerk, Dario Fo, Muziekgebouw a/h Y, 't Paard, Klap op de Vuurpijl ..

Netherlands, Belgium, France, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Indonesia.

Played with a.o.:

Keola Beamer, Monica Akihari, Sinta Wullur, Elsje Plantema, Martijn Apituley, Gerard Mosterd, Han Bennink, Pierre Courbois, Hans Dagelet, Charles van Tassel, Paul Koek, Gerard Bouwhuis, Wieteke van Dort, Boudewijn Tarenskeen, Enrique Raxach, etc.